Our big day... releasing all the bad stuff...

Car troubles didn't hold us back... we stayed here close by.. instead of going to "Hell's Canyon" we went to "LUCKY Peak Reservoir". It was very windy blowing our balloons everywhere, so we came down a ways to the river.  The ceremony of releasing our fears, through the notes on our balloons began. It was touching and cleansing. The kids released "my black eye, my tube in my mouth, the vibe of everyone at the hospital (fear), the condition I was in, worry, etc." Nick said, "Letting go of it all, just moving on". I released my fear of "normal safe activities, as well as my fear of succeeding again, self-doubt and confidence, sadness, fear, worry, being let down...letting it go to once again live my life to the fullest." :) It was a great experience for us as a family. Although all of these things are not literally contained in the balloons we felt the symbol of this act was significant. Watching my family as they gazed on the balloons was heart warming to me. We kept saying.... "There it goes..."  it felt good to let it go. Then we played... skipped rocks, threw in the line, and fished as a family again. It was so cool to see Nick back doing what he loves, pinching a worm, baiting his hook, and loving every minute.

The night before, I made a thank-you sign, and reflected on the thousands of people who stepped in to ease our burdens through this year. Writing names of people who prayed for us, lifted us, cleaned for us, cooked for us, cheered for us, did fundraisers for us, blogged for us, the list went on and on. Interestingly, the song "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban was blazing loud. My tears kept falling on my cute butterfly sign, and another name would be wetted. My heart was so full, it could've burst. Appreciation is an understatement. Although the sign is full of names, I know that this isn't a 10th of the people who effected our lives this year... for the better. Thank you SINCERELY with ALL of my heart.

Nick had to get back to work, so we headed home. I stayed home with the kids, we just played and had fun. That night Nick took us to my favorite restaurant Sawadee Thai. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves. At 7:20 we recognized this was the exact time a year ago that my accident happened. Everyone around the table just smiled. We all knew this year did not kill us. We are victors. Cheers!

PS If anyone is interested in what Idaho Power has done to improve the safety of the culvert... here is a pic!


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  2. I loved this, the symbolism of letting go, and the distinct choice to move forward. I love that you have involved your kids in the process and thereby helped them learn resilence. I can't imagine the ups and downs of your journey but I appreciate you letting us go along for the ride.

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